Have fun with Shakespeare in Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre!

During each monthly meetings you will dicover a different corner of our intriguing venue and hear about a different Shakespeare’s play.

Wokshops are targeted at families with children from 5 to 12 years old. The activities last 90 minutes.


24.10.2021 – Romeo i Juliet – Masked ball in Verona

During this meeting you will get to know the most famous Shakespearean love story. The activities will be focused on two recognized scenes from the play: the masked ball, at which we will make our own masks and the balcony scene, at which we will use the galleries of our Audutorium.


14.11.2021 – The Merry Wives of Windsor – dresses in the Court of Windsor

Together with The Merry Wives of Windsor we will move to Elizabethan England. You will have a chance to see what outfits were worn at the time and have a look at the costumes from Gdansk Shakespeare coproduction of the play. You will discover the theatre’s dressing rooms and make some elements of your own stage costumes.


05.12.2021 – The Tempest – what sounds are hidden in the island?

We will go back in time to the 17th century Elizabethan theatre and create special effects with neither the contemporary technology nor electricity. Getting to know the story of “The Tempest” we will try to imagine sounds accompanying the events taking place at the island. We will try to create the sounds using everyday objects.