NOSFERATU | silent movie with live music by CZERWIE

Get into a Halloween mood in the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre!

„Nosferatu – Eine Symphonie des Grauns“ is a silent movie from 1922, directed by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau with tappings by CZERWIE Band!


The beginning of the 19th century. Orlok Earl, known as Nosferatu is a vampire who needs to drink human blood in order to survive. A young trader comes to his castle in Carpathian Mountains. Nosferatu notices a tiny miniature of his guest’s wife, beautiful Ellen. Bewitched by her beauty, he leaves the castle and comes to a city where this young lady lives. At the time of his arrival, there is an outbreak of bubonic plague in this city.


World cinema classic with the original music has been received with great enthusiasm by the Polish public. The Czerwie Band created an original, live performed music to this classic horror film. The music is arranged for: the drums, xylophone, the percussion instruments, the ethnic instruments, bass, guitar, mandolin, accordion and the synthesizers.

Duration: 94 min

CZERWIE is an independent group of Małopolska, which presents the sounds from the borderline between pop, rock and ethno- music, but also film and the theatre of the absurd scenes. Balancing between the music genres, they can play for anything.