NOSAJ THING | concert NOSAJ THING | concert

NOSAJ THING | concert

NOSAJ THING again in the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre on 9 March at 20:00

Los Angeles electronic musician Nosaj Thing, a star of Lisboa Dance Festival 2018, will come to Gdańsk just a day before his appearence in Portugal to play again in the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre

NOSAJ THING (born Jason Chung) is an American musician, DJ and record producer of Korean descent, based in Los Angeles, California. He performed in the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre two years ago and now is coming back with the material of his new Parallels record published in September 2017 by Innovative Leisure.

Nosaj Thing Parallels reviews:

The new album from L.A. producer Jason Chung, aka Nosaj Thing, is more open-ended than usual, bringing collaborators like Zuri Marley, Blonde Redhead’s Kazu Makino, and Steve Spacek into the fray.

Los Angeles electronic producer Jason Chung was never necessarily a loner, but he’s spent the last few years using his Nosaj Thing moniker as a way to try on an extroverted lifestyle. For the first time in his career, Chung has said he decided to become more sociable, and his fourth album, Parallels, captures that change. The Parallels sessions were a chance to make opposites attract: beauty and dissonance, love and regret, soul and machine.

Nina Corcoran,


The latest record from Los Angeles’ Nosaj Thing is a heady and atmospheric experience that feels like a hazy film placed atop regular reality. What it lacks in straightforward melodies, it compensates with impressionistic tones and textures that create a canvas for the listener to project onto.

Parallels is Jason Chung’s fourth album as Nosaj Thing, and at this point he has a clear, unhurried confidence in his approach to making music. He gives ideas ample space to breathe and develop. The textures here are warmer and feel more lived-in than on his 2016 No Reality EP, though there is still a sense of deliberate detachment that allows listeners to feel the space between the synth lines and percussion to mostly positive ends.

Grant Rindner,