Mystic Opera: ENEOS – for 1 theatre, 10 voices, violin & double bass

Modern mystic opera for 1 theatre, 10 voices, violin & double bass.


voice – music – architecture – ritual – movement – speech – breath – light


„Mystic Opera: Eneos” is a modern opera especially designed fot the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre, voice, violin and double bass, directed and composed by Agnieszka Kamińska. The theatre space will become an instrument which plays the main part in this artistic performance. The Eneos history, narrated with the music, voice, movement, speach and light will bring the audience into the world of dream where anything is possible!

Performance creators:

Director, music, scenario, production: Agnieszka A. Kamińska
Coordination, production: Michał Juzoń

Actors / Singers:
Natalia Chylińska
Agnieszka Gliwińska
Agata Jewstafiew
Michał Juzoń
Agnieszka Kamińska
Paula Konopczyńska
Sylwia Nosarzewska
Grażyna Ossowska
Wiktor Sieklicki
Michał Zeltman

Violin: Magdalena Staniszewska
Double bass: Klaudia Karbowiak