MANIA starring POLA NEGRI | silent movie with live-music by CZERWIE

Mania. The story of a cigarette factory worker is a silent film from 1918 with a leading role by Pola Negri. The presentation will be accompanied by live-music of Czerwie group.

It tells a story of a young cigarette factory worker Mania Walkowska, who gets chosen as a model to advertise a new brand of cigarettes. She mets a composer Hans van Hof while visiting the painter who designs the promotional poster. The worker and the musician fall in love with each other. Her beauty fascinates Morelli – a rich and powerful patron. He invites Mania to a ball, where he tries to chats her up, but she resists that because she loves van den Hof truly. Morelli gets jealous and using his power he makes van den Hof’s new opera titled „Mania” not become accepted by the National Opera. In order to help her beloved, Mania aggrees to become a lover of Morelli, who then convinces the opera director to do the play. Mania meets her beloved at the opening night of his opera entitled „Tarantella” by van den Hof.

Duration: 85min

CZERWIE – an independent group of Małopolska, which presents the sounds from the borderline between pop, rock and ethno- music, but also film and the theatre of the absurd scenes. Balancing between the music genres, they can play for anything.
Czerwie have already been known at the International Malta Festival in Poznań, Colours of Ostrava in Czech Republic, and many other festivals in Poland and abroad. So far, they have already played at over 400 different events, such as club concerts, festivals, theatre plays or tappings for the silent films, for example “Nosferatu – Symfonia Grozy” – directed by F.W. Murnau, “Brzdąc” – directed by Ch.Chapin and „Mania. Die Geschichte einer Zigarettenarbeiterin” (Mania. The story of a cigarette factory worker) (1918) with Pola Negri, directed by E. Illes.