This intimate Norway-based indie pop duo are making refreshing waves in the genre. Combining warm mellow guitar melodies with lyrics that range from the quirky to the bittersweet, they create simple and affecting songs for the heart.

Quiet is the new loud – Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe, better known as Kings of Convenience, already used the title of their first album from 2001 to clarify what is most important to them: quietness. The press was enthused by the idiosyncratic acoustic sound of the record, which seemed to have fallen out of time. They even invented a new genre for the two Norwegians: from then on, everything calm and soft that could not be filed away under another genre was called »new acoustic movement«.

The two Kings of Convenience members have certainly chosen a suitable band name: the duo has released only three studio albums and one additional remix album since formation. Released in 2009 was the Declaration of Dependence  and the most recent in 2015 being Quiet Is The New Loud.In 2015 King of Convenience has been on a tour promoting  the book by Ørjan Nillsson, describing the process of creating Quiet Is The New Loud album.

On 2016 chamber concerts entitled The Unrecorded Record Tour were presented, where the band only played new pieces created for the new record to come.

In the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre the Kings of Convenience concert will include all the band’s greatest hits and more.