Hatari | concert

Multi-award winning anti-capitalist performance art collective HATARI is renowned in the field of dystopian Euro-techno music performance.

Members of the group are blacklisted by respectable institutions the world over, including five national secret services. Members are also known to be social media influencers.

HATARI was founded in 2015 to obliterate the capitalist world order by way of sponsorship with SVIKAMYLLA EHF, their publisher.

To this end they participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019, where they were wildly popular and incurred considerable fines as punishment.

Their first full length album, 2017’s NEYSLUTRANS, sent shockwaves across anonymous blogs the world over. They won ‘Performer of the Year’ at the Icelandic Music Awards, as well as the prestigious Iceland Music News Music Video of the Year award, which they themselves created and organized.

HATARI return from hiatus to finish their European tour, DANCE OR DIE, and promise to uphold their mission against the free market society, selling a plethora of exclusive merchandise items along the way.