4 Days of Eerie Music – day4 | 4DME

Egiptian oriental dance party, British electronic ace, Polish drum n bass & hip-hop in the fourth day of eerie music


Islam Chipsy

Islam Chipsy and his band E.E.K. are a three-way force of nature from Cairo, Egypt described by those who’ve been caught in the eye of their storm as one of the most exciting live propositions on the planet.
Electro chaabi keyboard pioneer Islam Chipsy’s joyous, freewheeling sonic blitz warps the standard oriental scale system into otherworldly shapes, flanked by Khaled Mando and Mahmoud Refat raining down a percussive maelstrom behind dual drum kits.

Islam Chipsy’s performances have been the stuff of legend outside Egypt for several years now, thanks to the circulation of various still breathtaking YouTube clips of his group EEK… in unbridled hyper-kinetic flow at gigs, weddings and street parties, as well as a series of international shows spoken of evangelically by those lucky enough to have seen them… They push at boundaries of dance-based music that are widely known and understood… It is astonishing, exhilarating, inventive music by any measure
– The Wire


Nathan Fake

Norfolk born and bred heir to the UK electronica throne Nathan Fake has kept fans of fuzzy-edged synths and pounding acidic techno beats alike guessing ever since his debut release at the tender age of 19. And now, having just reached his 29th birthday milestone, he is back with exuberant new album main event ‘Steam Days’, a breathtaking landmark on Nathan Fake’s road to musical maturity which Nathan has rightly branded his “best work to date”, oscillating effortlessly between both ends of the electronic spectrum to reprise both the soothing melodic indulgence and heavy dancefloor assault of his albums of yore. And although a career that has been characterised by such deftly-executed electronic versatility may to the outsider appear chameleonic, schizophrenic even, one thing has remained constant throughout his decade at the electronica coalface: a very real sense of the artist behind the machines, no matter which production hat Fake may currently be sporting.
Nathan Fake has released his fourth album “Providence” via Ninja Tune on 10th March 2017. The album features Nathan’s first collaborative work with Prurient (aka Vatican Shadow / founder of Hospital Productions) and Raphaelle Standell- Preston of the band Braids.


The 4th day of eerie music will also feature three concerts of Polish musicians:

LXMP – musical project of Piotr Zabrodzki and Macio Moretti (bass guitar, drums and MS-20 synthesizers)
1988 (hip-hop, dub, analogue electro)
Piernikowski (post hip-hop, noise, minimal and  improvised electro)


See the LINE-UPs of other concerts within 4 days of eerie music:




4DME – 4 days of eerie music is an annual festival event organised by the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre, 2017 is the second edition. Concerts take place on May 28th and from 1st to 3rd June 2017.