COM TRUISE | concert

Com Truise – a retrosynth artist based in Los Angeles, California will perform in Gdańsk on 8th March 2018!


The story of Com Truise, the robot astronaut, began with the magnificent debut album, 2011’s Galactic Melt — apparently, AMDISCS-released Cyanide Sisters is pre-story. Over the course of EPs, including the exquisite Wave 1, and last year’s profound Silicon Tare, odds and sods release In Decay, and finally this new album, the robot’s quest takes him to different planets and galaxies, some war-torn and hopeless, in an epic struggle that includes the real human experience of building and losing romantic relationships. (This is all according to the artist Com Truise’s official Ghostly biography.)

Iteration lays out the final moments Com Truise, the astronaut, spends on the treacherous planet Wave 1, before the robot and his romantic partner escape the peril to find peace.

So that’s the fictional narrative underpinning all of Com Truise’s music since 2011. Ultimately, the bio continues, this album is a story of triumph and self-realization. The feeling one gets when hit with either of those sentiments is what I felt when listening to Iteration. Naturally, overcoming oppression is a celebratory affair, but as history shows it comes with a great cost. Certain triumphs and self-actualization have their own expense, but they’re not always so taxing. […]

Iteration is Haley’s best, most fully realized Com Truise album, because it most fully realizes the grand theory and truly overcomes the oppression of nostalgia. It’s also just really fucking good musically. He’s got extraordinary talent.

Aaron Vehlinggo,