Club Romantica | Abendshow

On a visit to the Marolles flea market in Brussels, Icelandic theatre-artist Fridgeir Einarsson, purchased three photo albums containing snapshots of strangers. After flicking through the albums a few times he discovered that they all belonged to the same person, a Belgian woman who had traveled to Mallorca twice in the 70’s, and gotten married a decade later somewhere in Belgium. The pictures displayed mundane and banal events: people sunbathing on a beach, drinking sangria at a bar, newly weds in front of a stone church, a modest wedding party. But at the same time it was a mystery why anyone would put something this personal up for sale. Were the photographs stolen? Did they get lost? Were they thrown away?

After giving it a thought for 10 years, Fridgeir decided to try to return the photographs to their original owner. He embarked on a journey that led him to Mallorca and a small town in Belgium where he hoped to find the woman in the photographs. The problem was that he didn’t know her name, age, address, or whether she would want the photo albums back.

Club Romantica is a documentary theatre piece, a true story of the quest to find the owner of the misplaced photographs. At the same time it asks questions about the act of creating memories: What will happen to the pictures we have created when we are dead and gone? Who will tell our story? After fifty years, will anybody still remember us?


The piece is written and performed by Fridgeir Einarsson, an established theatre artist and a writer, based in Reykjavik. He has collaborated and performed with several Icelandic theatre groups and published four books of fiction.

With Fridgeir on stage is folk-musician Snorri Helgason, a prominent figure in the Icelandic Music scene. Snorri performs original music and provides a soundcape, as well as undertaking several assistant roles.

In 2019 Club Romantica won the Icelandic Theatre Awards for Play of the Year, and was nominated for three other awards: Show of the Year, Best Director and Best Music. It was performed for three years at the City Theatre of Reykjavik.

Club Romantica is produced by Abendshow Theatregroup in collaboration with the City Theatre of Reykjavik.


A play by Fridgeir Einarsson.
Director: Petur Armannsson
Performers: Fridgeir Einarsson and Snorri Helgason
Music: Snorri Helgason
Set Design and Costumes: Brynja Bjornsdottir
Choreography: Asrun Magnusdottir
Lights: Palmi Jonsson and Olafur Agust Stefansson
Video: Palmi Jonsson
Sound: Baldvin Þór Magnússon
Producer: Ragnheidur Maisol Sturludottir