The Final Farewell to Professor Jerzy Limon

Sincere thanks and appreciation for all the words of comfort and support reaching us from all over the world and for all the moving reminiscences concerning Professor Jerzy Limon.

The solemn farewell
to Professor Jerzy Limon
Creator and Director of the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre
took place on Saturday 27 March 2021.

We are sharing with you the coverage from the farewell mass
celebrated in Kościół Św. Jana [St John’s Church] in Gdańsk.

The transmission in English was presented on the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre’s YouTube service
and on the platform.

Transmisja po polsku.
__ __ __

The Book of Condolences dedicated to the memory of Professor Jerzy Limon is available online with the use of this link

The Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre, due to the currently binding sanitary regulations, remains closed until 9th April 2021.