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Shakespeare in Gdańsk?

If you’re wondering what to do in Gdańsk, we’ll help you out with this tip – one of the most interesting local attractions is The Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre.

The Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre has been built on the historic site of the 17th century Fencing School – the first public theatre of the then Republic of Poland. It is here where English players presented William Shakespeare’s plays, already during his own lifetime. Nowadays, one of the most extraordinary and modern theatres in the world is located here. Its wooden frame is a reconstruction of the former Elizabethan – in style theatre in Gdańsk.

Certainly, you will not pass indifferently by the theater building – it is distinguished by the dark anthracite bricks, is covered and with a huge opening roof, which allows to stage performances also in daylight.

The Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre, the only one of its kind in Poland, stages performances both on box stage and Elizabethan one. It hosts theaters and bands from all over the world.

Join an hour long tour with our guides and hear colorful stories about the theatre during Shakespeare’s time, the unusual architecture and the theatre’s modern technical solutions and the various activities it has on offer.


Tour programme

  • Entrance Hall – see the model of the Fencing School, hear about the history of the Gdańsk theatre
  • Main Auditorium – different types of stages are presented and the characteristics of the Elizabethan theatre are discussed
  • Stroll around the theatre – galleries for spectators are visited along with the Terrace offering a view of the Main Town; a charming walk on the walls follows, ending in an outer yards


3:00 p.m. – EN/PL


18 PLN

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