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A new collection of essays on artistic and cultural contacts between the Southern Netherlands, Polish lands, and Gdańsk has recently been published, and is available at the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre.


The book, published in English, is based on papers given at a conference in Gdańsk, organised by the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre and the University of Gdańsk in cooperation with Adam Mickiewicz Institute and Theatrum Gedanense Foundation. The conference took place in March 2015 and was devoted to modern period art contacts between that city, the wider Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and – mainly – the Southern Netherlands.


Art of the Southern Netherlands, Gdańsk, and the Polish-Lithuanian Comonwealth is edited by Jacek Tylicki and Jacek Żukowski, with Agnieszka Żukowska as advisory editor and translator. The publication includes contributions by several scholars, including Hanna Benesz, Nico Van Hout, Franciszek Skibiński, Jacek Friedrich and Emile van Binnebeke.

The topics addressed included, among others, the cultural expansion of 15th and early 16th century Bruges, the 16th century pictorial culture of Antwerp, and various aspects of Flemish art in the 17th century, including Baroque sculpture. The reaction in Polish art historiography to the strong presence of Netherlandism in modern-era Gdańsk culture will also be considered.


Conference historical backgroud:

The city of Gdańsk constituted a key link in the process of exchange of intellectual and artistic ideas (including transmission of formal and iconographic patterns) between the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Low Countries, also serving as leading centre for financial relations of both lands. It is therefore not surprising that the wealthy Baltic seaport furthermore acted as a chief regional spot for art imports and trade. The aim of the conference was to shed some new light on dissemination of artistic phenomena deriving from the Southern Netherlands in this part of Europe, both through migrant masters, and itinerant artworks.


Art of the Southern Netherlands, Gdańsk, and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Edited by Jacek Tylicki and Jacek Żukowski
The Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre, 2017


There publication is available at the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre Box Office.


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