Construction of the GST

The “Construction of the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre venue” — POIS. 11.02.00-00-00-014/08 — is an undertaking conducted as part of Initiative 11.2 (Development and improvement of cultural infrastructure of a supra-regional significance), Priority 11 (Culture and cultural heritage) of the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment 2007–2013 (POIS).

The objective of the Project was the construction of a theatrical building in the centre of Gdansk’s Old Town which will function as the main venue of a cultural institution — the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre, the only Shakespearean theatre in Poland. The Project recalls the heritage of the Fencing School, set up in Gdansk in the beginning of the 17th century and lasting for over 200 years, combined with the modern architecture of the 21st century. The original multifunctional building was a place of fencing exercises and duels, shows and performances, animal fights and theatrical plays — often hosting English thespians performing Shakespearean dramas.

The construction of the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre’s venue allows to create a prestigious and high-quality cultural offer that has a chance to become the trademark of Gdansk, the region, and the country as a whole.

The general purpose of the Project is to make use of the cultural offer of European and global significance in order to promote the city of Gdansk, the region and the country, as well as secure the integrity of the city’s social and economic development. In the long-term perspective, the completion of the Project will result in the following advantages:

– raising the cultural and touristic appeal of Gdansk, the region and the country;

– raising the appeal of the region in terms of settlement and localisation;

– effective promotion of theatrical arts and Shakespeare’s dramatic heritage;

– creating a new cultural product of national and European importance;

– creating new workplaces in such areas as culture, gastronomy and hotel industry due to the expansion of the cultural offer;

– supporting the development of metropolitan functions;

– increase of public engagement in culture;

– increase of tourist influx due to the expansion of the touristic offer;

– increase of the regional income in the tourism sector;

– creating a focusing institution, enlivening and raising the appeal of the historical centre of the city of Gdansk;

– improvement of Gdansk’s public image through a cultural offer on a European level, aimed at demanding receivers.

The total sum subsidized by the European Union (through European Regional Development Fund) for the Project will amount to over 51.1 million PLN. The total cost of the Project’s realization is over 93.8 million PLN.

Financing of the qualified expenses connected to the realisation of the Project:

75% of the qualified expenses are covered by the European Regional Development Fund, while the remaining 25% is the input of the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre itself, covered in two equal parts by 12,5% from the targeted subsidies of the two patrons of the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre — the Municipality of Gdansk and the Pomorskie Voivodeship.


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The contract for subsidising Project POIS. 11.02.00-00-00-014/08-00 was sealed by Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre and the Minister of Culture and National Heritage on 14th September 2009.


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